Asset & Personnel Protection

Raychem’s solutions for Asset & Personnel Protection are known for its high performance standards in electrical distribution networks, power substations, railways and OEM applications.
We provide polymer based insulation enhancement and protection system ranging from 1.1kV to 800kV. Our range of services includes supply, design, installation, maintenance, energy/network audit, as well as complete diagnostics.
Solutions Offered
Insulation enhancement systems for substations and overhead lines. Designed to prevent unplanned outages due to
  accidental bridging and to help upgrade insulation levels at critical points in systems
LV arresters are used to provide protection for LV overhead lines, consumer in-house supplies, distribution transformers
  and other appliances
Metal oxide varistor distribution arresters for indoor and outdoor applications for protection of overhead lines, DC
  locomotives and switchgear applications
Polymeric series parallel and single column constructed arresters for protection of transmission systems up to 800 kV
Insulators and insulating components/ housings providing reliable solutions for power utilities and railway customers
  with installations in high pollution environments and applications up to 500 kV
Raychem’s foam filled composite insulators, made of glass fibre-reinforced resin tube with silicone rubber housing for
  OEMs to protect high voltage apparatuses up to 800 kV
Comprehensive personnel protective solutions
Our Solutions  

Insulation Enhancement System
  Polymeric Insulators   Operating Rods /
Hollowcore Bushings
Surge Arrester   Personnel Protective Equipment   Isolators / Disconnector