Grid Connected
PV Inverters

Offering independent modularity, “Pit-Stop” serviceability, pan India presence, high reliability and bankability

Raychem RPG Solar inverter is a grid tied central inverter suitable for multi-megawatt solar power plants. RRL have forged technology collaboration agreement with FIMER, S.p.A, Italy to offer reliable products of very high quality standard. RRL inverter functions independent of module technology, has compact design and lower weight for ease of installation, repair and maintenance. Supported with Pan India presence and “Pit-Stop” serviceability, it has an operating life upto 25 years.

Block Diagram


  • Advanced Modularity exists at inverter & component level
  • Higher generation due to wider MPPT window
  • Reactive power control
  • Low harmonic output current (< 3%)
  • Transformer-less
  • Monitoring systems
  • Lower auxiliary losses (Fan runs only when module is operational)