• Full compliance with the regulations on protection and grid connection (synonymous with safety)
  • Possibility to use the products with any type of photovoltaic panel (versatility of use)
  • Supervision of the design and production processes in accordance with ISO 9001 standards (certainty of product robustness and reliability)
  • High conversion efficiency (for certain and on-going profitability)
  • Customizable Megastation turnkey solutions with integrated MV transformer

Advanced Modularity exists at inverter & component level

  • High redundancy and protection against energy loss
  • Long product life –
    • Electronic components work at lower temperature
    • Modules switch on and off in a balanced way, with a full electronic control, until the machine reaches its maximum power

High availability from Independent power modules due to service simplicity

  • Defective power modules can be easily replaced without stopping the functioning of the inverter
  • Semi skilled labor on site can replace power module

Higher energy yield due to unique inverter architecture

  • Higher generation due to wider MPPT window, leading to longer working time for inverter (early start and late sleep)
  • Inverter operates in higher efficiency zone for longer period of time as compared to other inverters
  • Lower auxiliary losses (Fan runs only when module is operational)
Input (DC)
Max DC Power (@ cos = 1) 750 kW
Max. Input Voltage (Vmax,abs) 1000 V
MPPT Input DC Range (VMPPTmin … VMPPTmax) at Pacr and Vacr 25C and 50C 485 V – 820 V @ 25° / 485 V – 820 V @ 50°
Number of Independent MPPT Master/Slave 1
Maximum Combined DC Input Current (Idcmaxc) 1500 A
Maximum DC Input Current for Each Module (Idcmax,m) 150 A
Number of DC Inputs Pairs 1 (extendable via Flexinput)
DC Connection Type (both positive and negative polarity) Ring Terminal Lug
Output Side (AC)
AC Grid Connection Type (1-phase/3-phase) 3 – phase
Rated AC Power (Pacr) @ 25C / 50C 690 kW @ 50°
Rated Grid Voltage (Vacr) 270 V ± 10%
Maximum Output Current (Iacmax) 1480 A
Rated Frequency (fr) 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Frequency Range (fmin…fmax) 47 Hz …. 63 Hz
Nominal Power Factor > 0.99
Adjustable Shift Factor 0.9 Leading … 0.9 Lagging
Total Harmonic Distortion of AC current waveform < 3%
Transformer No (Transformerless)
AC Connection Type (for each phase) Ring Terminal Lug
Input disconnection device Integrated DC Switch Disconnector
Input Over Voltage Protection SPD Varistors (Class II)
Residual Current Protection (Ground Fault) Full Managed
Insulation Monitoring YES
Reverse Polarity Protection YES
Input Over Current Protection YES with Flexinput
Fuse Size on Input Customizable with Flexinput
Output disconnection device YES with Magnetotermic Circuit Breaker
Anti-Islanding Protection YES
Output Under/Over Voltage Protection YES
Under/Over Frequency Protection YES
Night Time Disconnect
Lightning protection (according to IEC 62305-1) YES
Grid Assistance
Reactive/Active Power Control YES
Dynamic Grid Support (Fault Ride Through etc.) YES
Power Factor Control YES
Operating Performance
Maximum Efficiency (max) 98.80%
Weighted Efficiency (EURO / CEC ) 98.30%
Stand-by Consumption/Night-time power loss < 60 W
AC Auxiliary Supply 230 V ± 10% – 16 A (L-N)
Own consumption during Operation 600 W
Cooling Method Air Forced
Fresh Airflow requirement 4100 m3/h
Degree of Protection: electronics / connection area (IEC 60529 / IEC 60721-3-4) IP 20 (Optional IP 31)
Ambient / Operating Temperature Range (nominal rating) (-10° C + 50° C)
Max. Ambient Temperature (-10° C + 50° C)
Relative Humidity (non-condensing) 0 ± 95%
Noise Emission < 70 dB
Maximum Operating Altitude without Derating 2000 mt
Communication protocols ModBus TCP/IP, RTU, Ethernet
Remote Monitoring YES
String Combiner YES
Display ESA Computer Touchscreen
Local User Interface Local user interface available
Dimension (H x W x D) 2230x1996x825 mm
Weight 1670 kg
Certifications and Compliance
Safety and EMC Standards IEC 61000*, IEC 62109*, IEC 62116
Certifications and Grid Standards CE conformity, CEI 016, BDEW, IEC 61683, IEC 60068-2*, IEC 62116
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