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Ampact Wedge Connectors

Reliability and low technical losses are vital to the energy industry.

We develop and manufacture Wedge Utility Connectors which are designed around an engineering principle which we call as ‘Wedge Pressure Technology’.Field proven for more than 40 years, Wedge Pressure Technology has formed the basis for a complete family of connectors that outperforms other conventional connectors, resulting in ‘lowest life cycle cost’. Wedge Connectors (Boltless Connectors) overcomes the physical and electrical limitations of traditional compression or bolted connectors resulting in low technical losses and efficient & consistent current flow.

The Wedge Connectors provides the most cost-effective solutions to a wide range of power connections and grounding challenges.

Fired Wedge Connectors
Universal Distribution Connectors
Extra Large(EL) Connectors
Stud Disconnect System
Deadend Clamp Connectors
High Temperature Tap
In-Line Disconnect
Transverse Wedge Connectors
Mini Wedge Connectors
  • Designed specially to manage peak power transmission temperature up to 250 degrees
  • Provides an efficient electrical connection for any type of power conductor combination
  • Withstands severe electrical and mechanical stresses
  • Easy installation without damage to conductors
  • Easy removal of connector without damaging the conductors and are re-usable
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