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AMR Gas Meter

Walk By, Drive By & Fixed Versions, Inductive and Magnetic Transmission, Available for Domestic as Well as Commercial Meters...READ MORE

Casing Insulators / Spacers

Casing insulators are used to electrically isolate carrier to casing pipe, Manufactured of virgin grade HDPE...READ MORE

Cold Applied Tape

Innowrap’s Coating System is a multilayer polyethylene and butyl rubber coating system used for protecting the external surface of pipelines for oil, gas, petrochemical, waste water underground, and over head pipeline...READ MORE

Electronic Volume Converter

Pressure Range: 0.8 - 7O Bar, Pressure Accuracy: > 0.25% from measured value, Accuracy: Max 0.5%, Standard: 0.15% Integrated GSM/GPRS Model...READ MORE

G 1.6 Domestic Gas Meters

Index is compatible for implementing automatic meter reading system for remote reading and date management. Corrosion resistant powder coated (inside and outside) steel casing...READ MORE

Gas Meter Enclosure

Available in Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) body. Modern Kitchen concept recommended by Architects / Builders associations...READ MORE

HBPE Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

Today, with years of experience and expertise, Raychem RPG has become a force to reckon with and stands tall with a proven track record of providing reliable solutions for the varied needs of its customers...READ MORE

High Current Rectifiers & Battery Chargers

Raychem RPG manufactures high quality High Current Rectifiers (HCR) required for industrial applications critical to the functioning of several key industries like Oil & Gas, Cement, Steel, Thermal & Power, Railways, Chlorination, Automotive, Chemical, etc...READ MORE

Prepaid Gas Meter

Pre-paid gas meter is a gas meter with additional Electronic Control Unit(ECU) ON traditional diaphragm type gas meter, realizing digital and intelligent management of gas measurement. It adopts high quality diaphragm gas meter as its base meter which is manufactured in compliance with IS 14439-1 & 11 / BS EN 1359:1999 Standards...READ MORE

Polyuerthane Coatings

PROTEGOL® polyurethane and epoxy coatings comply with DIN EN 10290 and DIN EN 10289 standards. PROTEGOL® product portfolio includes systems which have been awarded potable water certification...READ MORE

Raychem Rockshield

Raychem Rockshield is a flexible mechanical protection padding consisting of a tough HDPE mesh, designed especially for the protection of anticorrosion coatings of pipeline laid in rocky terrain and difficult backfill conditions...READ MORE

RPD Meter

The RRM series rotary gas meter is a displacement type gas meter. The actual measurement is performed by two figure oval (8) shaped rotors rotating within a measurement chamber. During a full revolution of the rotor a fixed volume is displaced from the inlet to the outlet of the meter while the number of revolutions represents the amount of volume passed....READ MORE

Smart Transformer Rectifier Unit (sTRU)

Smart & Trusted Rectifiers for Cathodic Protection. Integrated solution with RTU (Communication with SCADA), Data Logger (Stand-alone Device) and GPS Timer Module.......READ MORE

Transformer Rectifier Unit

Raychem RPG manufactures high quality automatic and manual Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) for cathodic protection application to buried structures, storage tanks at storage terminals I refineries and cross country pipelines that are critical to the hydrocarbon business sector of any country. TRUs are rugged in construction, designed to withstand harsh conditions in which they operate....READ MORE

Visco Elastic Coating

VISCOTAQ® is a worldwide patented viscous elastic pipeline technology coating that is used for corrosion prevention of pipelines, storage tanks, soil to air transitions, above ground fl anges, pipe crossings and in the ditch applications. VISCOTAQ® also offers a unique waterproofi ng line of products to stop water infi ltration at pipe casings, buildings, vaults, storm drains, sewer lines and more...READ MORE

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