Centers of Excellence

Building market - driven, standards-based, intellectual property
for Raychem RPG

Centers of Excellence

Raychem RPG’s Innovation Center is further divided into logical groups, based on deep vertical focus or broad industrial focus. This is further strengthened by Industry-Education Collaboration, Industry-Government Collaboration & finally, Industry-Expert collaboration.

Some of the external collaborations include:

1. Industry - Education Collaborations:

MS University
IIT Bombay
IIT Ropar
IIT Roorke

2. Industry - Government/Institutions Collaboration

TUV Rhineland

3. Industry - Expert collaboration

Materials & Processing

The Materials & Processing CoE is continuously working towards next-gen materials such as stress control materials, nano - composites, functional materials and advanced processing techniques. The CoE also provides advanced analytics and simulations in multi - body dynamics, computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

Material & Processing expertise:
Elastomeric materials & processing
Functional Devices, Housings, Structural, Thermal Modelling

Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems CoE’s thrust areas includes writing advanced algorithms for power system products, building transformer power saving technologies and creating advanced simulations of electrical properties.

High Voltage Electrical Systems engineering expertise:
Electro - Magnetic & Static Design/Analysis
Functional Devices, Housings, Structural, Thermal Modelling

Electronics And Sensors

The Electronics & Sensors team is working on power electronics, sensors & communication hardware, in order to make the products communicate with each other and other central systems using various network protocols.

Electronics & Sensors Expertise:
Electronic circuit design, Power Electronics
Embedded Systems, Wireless Sensing, PSPICE

Automation Controls

The Automation & Control group focussed on developing embedded software and developing customized SCADA systems for the Raychem products and to make them more “intelligent”.

Automation Controls expertise:
Embedded Software, Communication Protocols
Utility Automation, SCADA Dev., Renewables Integration

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property CoE focussed on creating market - driven, international standards based intellectual property for Raychem RPG, by maximizing the potential for creating innovative technologies and the value derived from it through cutting edge processes and integrated IP services.

IP Expertise:
IP landscape, Competitor analysis
Patent drafting & Analysis, FTP, Circumvention
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