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DC-DC Converters

Designed specifically for installation with existing or new utility-scale solar installations, Dynapower’s patent-pending DPS-250 bi-directional 250 kW DC-to-DC Converter is a new cost-effective approach to coupling energy storage with solar. The DPS-250 allows utility-scale owners to maximize production and utilization of solar energy on the grid to increase project revenues.

Designed to be easily scaled, any combination up to 8 units can be joined to create building blocks up to 2MW of energy storage.

DPS-250 Advantages

  • Patent-pending auto clipping recapture — increases project revenues
  • No constraints on voltage — providing you with optimization flexibility
  • Parallel up to 8 units together — giving you flexible building blocks
  • Integrated fusing and switchgear — saves you money
  • Can be paired with any solar inverter — works with your existing equipment and supply chain

Benefits Of DC Coupled Solar Plus Storage

  • Lower Installation and Regulatory Costs than AC-Coupled
  • Highest Efficiency
  • Increased Project Revenues Through Clipping Recapture
  • No Interconnection Study Needed
  • Qualify for Tax Credits

Value Streams Of the DC Coupled Approach To Solar Plus Storage

  • Clipping Recapture — Maximize Value of PV Generated Energy
  • Curtailment & Outage —Continuous Uptime
  • Low Voltage Harvesting — Make Money on the Edges
  • Capacity Firming — Turn Solar Energy into a Dispatchable Asset
  • Energy Time Shifting — Utilize Generated PV Energy When Its Value is Highest
  • Ramp Rate Control+ — Modulate Power for Continuous Grid Connection
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DC Input Voltage Range (Battery Port)

550-1500 VDC

DC Input Voltage Range (PV Port)

550-1500 VDC

Maximum Continuous Power Rating


Maximum Continuous Current Rating

+/-312.5 ADC

Efficiency Average

98.2% (actual)

Aux/Controls Power

Customer supplied 120V, 1-ph, 60H, 1kVA service

Battery Compatability

Compatible with all batteries.

Operating Temp

-10 to +50oC


Forced Air Cooled

Rated Max Elevation

1000m above sea-level without de-rating


Outdoor NEMA 3R

Dimensions (HxWxD)

80.5” x 39.4” x 33.50”


1300 lbs

Remote Communications


Remote Monitoring

Real-time monitoring with automated alerts and data logging

Local Indicators

Lamps on front panel indicating operation mode & alarm/fault status

DC Disconnection & Protection (PV)


DC Disconnection & Protection (ESS)


Battery Overvoltage Protection


Safety Certifications