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Food Grade Epoxy

Raycote EP Intercoat 144 is NSF & WRAS approved solvent free, two pack, epoxy coatings specially formulated for the coating applications in contact with potable water. Epoxy coating system consist of two components which, when blended and applied as a film, react chemically to form a protective film of high integrity, excellent adhesion, corrosion resistant, tough and high impact resistance. The product is designed to be spray applied using plural feed airless spray equipment or by brush. It complies with BS 6920, AWWA C210 and NSF / ANSI 61 standards.

Application Methodology

Prepare the surface by mechanical grinding, short blasting to SA21/2
Remove dust, flakes, oil, grease, or other loose foreign particles by sand blasting, iron brush or compressed air
Stir the Component A and Component B separately. If settling is observed in the Component A, loosen the settled material with the help of hand stirrer followed by power driven stirrer for quick homogenous mixing. Pre-heat Part-A @ 50-70°C and Part-B @ 40-55°C
After mixing, apply RAYCOTE EP INTERCOAT 144 by plural feed airless spray gun to the required thickness on the substrate
The tip pressure should be typically 2500 - 4000 psi (should be adjusted to achieve good atomization of the spray)

Conditions to Apply

Do not apply when relative humidity exceeds 85% or when the surface to be coated is not 3°C above the dew point as recommended by NACE
If the surface to be coated is below 10°C, pre-heating of the substrate is recommended. Pre-heat temperature should not exceed 82°C prior to the application
For cleaning of the tools use Raychem specified thinner

Shelf Life

1 year in original un-opened condition from the manufacturing date

Storage & Handling

For optimum performance, store Raychem Intercoat 144 epoxy in a dry, well-ventilated area. Maintain products in original packaging and sealed until just before use. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, rain, snow, dust or other adverse environmental conditions or contaminations

Note: Avoid prolonged storage at temperature above 40°C or below 5°C.

Ordering Information

Drums Pail
Part A 200 L 15 L
Part B 200 L 5 L
Kit Options
(1.3 Gal/5L), (0.67 Gal/2.5L)
(0.27 Gal/1L), (0.13 Gal/0.5L)
Certified to NSF / ANSI Standard 61 and WRAS for direct contact with potable water
No VOC and no isocyanates
High performance epoxy coating used to protect pipe substrates, fittings, tanks, concrete and steel
Excellent wetting properties to bare steel- Exceptional adhesion, cathodic disbondment and soil stress resistance on bare steel
Easy to mix – saves time
Excellent resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage
Same formula for hand or spray applied- Flexibility in difficult to coat field conditions
Adjustable flow rates
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