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Rotary Positive Displacement (RPD) Gas Meter FullScreen
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Smart, compact and tamperproof Gas Meter measures non-corrosive gases

  • Make in India
  • Smart, compact and tamperproof meter to measure non-corrosive gases
  • Installed in compact installations spaces
  • Allows local repairs and on-site cleaning
  • Less sensitive to installation stresses
  • We have NABL accrediated lab for calibration of RPD and turbine meters
  • more...

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Parameter Value
Compliant with EN12480:2002 Standard  
Compliant with OIML R137 1&2 (2014) Standard  
Compliant with MID 2014/32/EU Standard   
Indian W&M approved  
Wide scalability > 1:160 
Less sensitive to manipulation by externally forces  
Index equipped with intelligent encoder for ‘smart reading’  
Eliminates oil loss at high rotor speeds; lubricates timing gears at low loads  
Withstand gas pressure upto 19 bar for gas measurement of non-corrosive gases  
Typical applications Gas distribution in low, medium or high-pressure networks

Technical Information

Parameter Value
Flow range 0.25 – 2500 m3/h
Diameters DN25 – DN200 (1” – 8”)
Pressure rate ANSI 150
MID temperature range -40 to +70ºC
Working pressure for Al casing Upto 20 barg 


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Q. Do you have NABL accredited testing facility for RPD Meter?

Our RPD meter calibration lab is approved as per NABL-ISO17025

Q. Does your RPD Meter have HF/LF pulser for connecting to EVC & Flow Computer?

Our RPD meter comes with HF/LF compatible to connect with EVC or Flow computer. Please mention clear requirements at the time of raising RFQ

Q. Does your RPD meter have the provision of pressure & temperature tapping?

Yes, Pressure & temperature tapping is available on body of RPD meter.

Q. What is the best rangeability of RPD Meters, you can provide ?

"Rangeability of RPD meter is different based on size 1. G16 to G25 - 1:50 2. G40 to G65 - 1:100 3. G100 & above: 1:160 under current practice"

Q. What is the minimum and maximum flowrange of RPD meters you have?

We offer 150# RPD Meters from 0.50 AM3/Hr to 1000 AM3/Hr

Q. Which certification do you have for RPD meters?

Our RRM model RPD meter is approved as per EN12480 standard and same is approved by Indian Weights & Measure department

Q. What is the pressure class of RPD meters?

We have RPD meters only for 150# (150 class) pressure rating

Q. Do you have 300# (300 class) RPD meter?

No we have RPD meter for 150 class only (maximum working pressure upto 19 bar)

Q. What is the maximum size /Flow of RPD meter Raychem can offer ?

RPD G650 - DN150 is the maximum size of RPD meter available wih Raychem RPG

Q. Can you offer calibration service for RPD meters?

Yes, we can calibrate 150# RPD & Turbine meters flow ranging from 0.25 to 2500 m3/hr as per our NABL scope

Q. Does lubrication oil comes with supply of RPD meter?

Yes, We supply lubrication oil with RPD meter.

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