Innovation & Practices

Innovating in the fields of T&D, electrical safety, transformers, solar power components and much more…

Innovation & Practices

What How We Do

Innovating in the fields of T&D, electrical safety, transformers, pipeline protection, solar power components and much more..,

Process of Innovation

The team follows comprehensive frameworks, rigorous methods, and latest tools to support the innovation process in a structured manner. Teams work with the latest innovation tools such as TRIZ, to come up with new and unique concepts in-line with Raychem RPG's mission and overall goals, and execute them efficiently to bring the concepts to fruition.

Path for next level innovation

Various platforms have been employed in Raychem Innovation Center, to trigger the innovative minds such as i2 and Raynovation, along with periodic brainstorming sessions.

Organizational Practices

Innovation Management

Building a culture and creating processes that drive innovation
Aligning innovation strategy towards organizational goals

Technology Management

Identifying & assessing technology/Working on new projects
Product / Technology road map development/Resource mapping

Project Management Skills

PMI certified, project planning and execution strategies
Integrating with DFSS & Gate Reviews

Talent Management

Nurture & Facilitate Learning – Deep learning
Build execution skills – Broad Skills

EHS Management

Implementation of EHS practices
Monthly audits & Quarterly drills
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