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LV Joints & Terminations

Low-voltage joints

Raychem products offer excellent insulating and sealing performance with heat-shrinkable, gel and resin materials. These proven materials form the basis of straight and branch joints for voltages up to 1kV.

  • Heat-shrink, resin, gel technologies
  • Environmentally friendly sealants
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Re-instatement and energisation immediately after installation
  • Solutions for all cable constructions
  • Low-voltage joints for safety class cable

Rayvolve RVS

Raychem Rayvolve RVS kits are the easy, “roll-on” way to insulate and seal cable connections up to 1kV.

The gripping force of the specially formulated EPDM elastomer combines with a high-performance sealant to form a reliable, water-resistant, insulating sleeve that is UL listed and CSA certified for direct burial applications over in-line compression connectors. In addition, RVS kits are well suited for evaluation in other applications:

  • Residential junction blocks
  • Connections to secondary network protectors
  • Joint covers for “Y” connections in street lighting circuits
  • Cable connection for overhead bundled cable
  • Environmental seals for terminal lugs and insulated airport connectors

Four sizes of Rayvolve sleeves cover all common low voltage cable types from #8 AWG-1000 kcmil (10-500 mm2).

Low-voltage terminations

Consistent performance in harsh environments – such as extreme temperatures, atmospheric pollution, and ultraviolet light – has proved the reliability of Raychem terminations.

  • Heat-shrink technology
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Solutions for all cable constructions
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