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MV Joints & Terminations

Medium-voltage joints

Millions of medium voltage joints have been installed on paper and polymeric cables worldwide, in the most severe service conditions, and under high electrical, thermal, mechanical and environmental stress. The reliability of the technologies is proven.

  • Heat-shrink and cold-applied technologies
  • Prefabricated components
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy and highly reliable installation
  • Applicability to different conductor and connecting techniques
  • Accommodation of tolerances, range-taking
  • Suitable for different conductor cross sections and cable constructions
  • Solutions for all cable constructions

Rayfit -Heat-Shrinkable Joint Sleeve for Medium Voltage Joints up to 33kV

Rayfit represents the new generation of heat-shrinkable jointing technology. It is based on a triple-extruded, heat-shrinkable, elastomeric joint sleeve component. The system is suitable for paper and polymeric cable constructions and is designed to accommodate modern jointing requirements such as mechanical shear bolt connectors.

  • Triple-extruded body provides a pre-engineered joint unit with fewer kit components
  • Advanced shrink behavior and profile-following are combined with a significant reduction in shrink time
  • High recovery forces result in tight electrical interfaces and perfect sealing ability
  • Optimized heat transfer due to reduced thermal capacity
  • The reduced overall joint diameter provides a slimmer and space saving profile
  • As an alternative to crimp connectors, kits can be selected with mechanical shear bolt connectors for conductor and shield continuity
  • Unlimited shelf-life simplifies material logistics and reduces cost

Medium-voltage terminations

Our medium-voltage terminations have been used by utilities and industrial organizations worldwide for more than four decades.

  • Heat-shrink and cold applied technologies
  • Proven anti-tracking, erosion- and UV- resistant insulating material for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easy and highly reliable installation
  • Range-taking
  • Suitable for crimp, soldered and mechanical lugs
  • Resistant to breakage and vandalism
  • Solutions for all cable constructions


Heat-shrinkable terminations for indoor & outdoor applications for polymeric cables up to 33kV.

Raychem’s heat-shrinkable terminations have a proven record of stability, durability and reliability over many years. Raychem’s cable accessories have been used by utilities and industrial companies.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use in all climate conditions, the Uniterm range covers applications for polymeric cables up to 33kV. The components combine to provide the important functions such as electrical performance, stress control and moisture sealing, required for all medium voltage products.

  • No sheds for indoor applications up to 33kV
  • High-performance termination material
  • New ceramic stress control system
  • Compact design
  • Few components
  • Simple to install
  • Mechanical robustnes
  • Range takings
  • Inexhaustible shelf life

Medium-voltage switch gear connection systems

Heat-shrink and cold-applied systems for switchgear and transformers with standardized bushings for 250A, 400A and 630/1250A have been installed by utilities and industrial organizations worldwide for more than 25 years.

  • Heat-shrink and elastomeric technologies
  • Right-angle insulating boots
  • Straight insulating boots
  • Separable screened adaptor systems for 250A, 400A and 630/1250A
  • Separable insulated adaptor systems
  • Suitable for crimp and mechanical lugs
  • Plug in termination 1250A
  • Easy and highly reliable installation
  • Solutions for all cable constructions
  • All products are available for 1c and 3c application
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