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Polyuerthane Coatings

In the Oil and Gas Sector, Raychem RPG has been instrumental in leading a change to develop and adapt new technological infrastructure. With various specialized products and services, the company aims at changing the face of Indian industry soon.

Under the brand name of PROTEGOL® coatings. PROTEGOL® will directly focus on diverse industry sectors and provide project consultancy and services. It will be involved in areas such as rehabilitation, field joint coating, the coating of drinking water pipelines and new construction projects. With PROTEGOL® , we offer customized tailor-made solutions for specific pipeline projects for both field and factory application.


PROTEGOL® polyurethane and epoxy coatings comply with DIN EN 10290 and DIN EN 10289 standards.
PROTEGOL® product portfolio includes systems which have been awarded potable water certification.
PROTEGOL® corrosion protection systems have excellent bonding properties to steel and cast iron substrates and are extremely abrasion and chemical resistant.
PROTEGOL® coatings have been designed and formulated to be applied individually without the need for a primer.
PROTEGOL® polyurethane coatings, due to their high abrasion resistance, can be applied as a first line of defence in HDD sections, as both a single and supporting protective coating over FBE.
PROTEGOL® coatings can be applied within a wide temperature range without the need for preheating or post curing.
PROTEGOL® coatings can be applied and operated as non-shielding (fail/safe) coatings which do not impede CP systems.
PROTEGOL® coatings feature highly economic characteristics such as fast curing and short back in service times.
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