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Prepaid Gas Meter

Pre-paid gas meter is a gas meter with additional Electronic Control Unit(ECU) ON traditional diaphragm type gas meter, realizing digital and intelligent management of gas measurement. It adopts high quality diaphragm gas meter as its base meter which is manufactured in compliance with IS 14439-1 & 11 / BS EN 1359:1999 Standards.

The key components of the mater are made of intensified special material with world’s advance production level and test lab equipments.

Mechanical meters have reformed the traditional supply of gas, generation of bills for gas consumed and collection of payment against gas supplied. Prepaid gas meters with modernization, safety, reliability performances and modern management characteristics ensure the benefits of supply and demand are not violated and revenues are intact.

Pre-paid System consists of:

Basic mechanical gas meter with internal or external motorized valve
IC Cards (Management Cards for distribution office, User Card for consumer)
IC Card reader-writer
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