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Reliable Connections

Raychem’s connection systems are designed to improve the performance, reliability and economy of electrical network and equipment...

Our wide range of reliable connector systems and technologies are not just considered to be the most advanced technology available in the world, but are also way ahead of the conventional system presently available in India for overground and underground applications.

  • Insulation piercing for over-ground and underground distribution system
  • Mechanical connector for underground cables
  • AMP Wedge Pressure Technology
  • High Voltage Connectors System
  • Solutions for all cable constructions
  • Cable Joints and terminations up to 245kV

Types of Reliable Connections

Under the well-established brand name Raychem, Raychem RPG offers a comprehensive range of cable accessories for all cable types. The most..

Raychem’s wide range of reliable connectors and accessories for low/medium voltage cables and overhead networks, substations ...

Our “Sinemex” range includes aluminium alloy clamps and connectors for any substation application up to 245kV using aluminium conductors / tubes...

Raychem RPG in partnership with Ripley (leading global manufacturer of wire and cable preparation tools, serving lineman, technicians and..

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