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RPD Meter

The RRM series rotary gas meter is a displacement type gas meter. The actual measurement is performed by two figure oval (8) shaped rotors rotating within a measurement chamber. During a full revolution of the rotor a fixed volume is displaced from the inlet to the outlet of the meter while the number of revolutions represents the amount of volume passed. The volume is displayed on a direct read counter type index. Several low and high frequency pulsars can be used for flow computing or control purposes. RRM series Rotary Positive Gas Meters are designed to measure quantity of gas, for custody transfer or technical measurement applications. The devices are mainly applied for gas flow ranges from 30.2 up to 1000 m /hr, and the pressure range up to 20 bar. Special design rotary gas meters may also be used in higher pressure installations.

The RRM series rotary gas meter measurement chamber makes the two Oval (8)-shaped rotors to turn. The volume of gas closed between the measuring chamber walls and rotors is transported four times in one full cycle from the meter inlet to the outlet. The timing gears set the rotors at the angle of 90° one to the other. The gear train, and the incorporated gas tight and hermetic magnetic coupling, transfers the rotor rotation to the index unit, which is separated in that way from the pressure tight housing. The actual volume of gas is indicated on the mechanical counter. The measurement cartridge, as a separate unit, is fixed in the pressure resistant housing


The majority of applications are at city or local gas stations. Being very precise instruments, resistant to disturbances and having a wide measurement range, the RRM series Rotary Gas Meters satisfy all technical demands of customers. Compact exchangeable aluminum cartridge allows local repair and on-site cleaning. The robust design of the casing and the cartridge make the meter less sensitive to installation stresses caused by the connecting piping. A significant amount of mis-alignment of the connecting piping/flanges can be tolerated by the meter without affecting the meter performance by jamming the impellers

For custody transfer application in low, medium and high pressure network
Commercial/industrial application
Check metering application
Control metering of natural gas and non-aggressive gases in industry
Masters meter for test bench
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