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Condition Assessment And Failure Analysis

RAYCHEM RPG’s multidisciplinary team accurately assesses the condition of the electrical networks, performs laboratory evaluation and failure analysis on all types of electrical equipment. Years of expertise in engineering electrical networks, as well as system analysis and protection of assets enables us to evaluate all aspects of a failure.

Design, Engineering and Testing

Aligning the design of all products/ systems to cater to the customer’s requirements is the prime focus of RAYCHEM RPG. We design and develop electrical systems/ components to meet all the specifications, focusing on cost, safety, quality and sustainability in all the stages such as production, installation and testing.

Installation,AMC And Monitoring

Our efficient team of technicians provide swift, hassle free installation, periodical maintenance made possible through our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Regular maintenance and monitoring ensures uninterrupted services and draws attention to even minor electrical problems and inconsistencies. Scheduled systematic maintenance also ensures maximum performance and reduced consumption.

Onsite Measurement Analysis and Recommendation for System Improvement & Opex Optimization

RAYCHEM RPG offers an extensive array of precision on-site measurement services utilizing cutting edge technology and experienced technical staff. We combine our expertise in measurement with a profound knowledge in operations which means that the strategies we recommend are reliable, cost-effective and practical for your operational situation.

Health Checkup & Complete Diagnostics

A thorough check-up of the electrical network at regular intervals can provide a clear overview and diagnosis of the electrical systems in place. Monitoring the health of electrical networks through a comprehensive network health assessment is an essential part of maintaining business continuity and productivity.

Preventive Maintenance

With the aid of technological tools and scheduling software, we undertake preventive maintenance work in a manner that least disrupts the continuous working of the system. These planned maintenance measures identify potential issues in electrical systems and avoid unexpected failures.

Replacement Strategies and Risk Assessment

For optimal use of resources and reducing overall costs appropriate replacement strategies are formulated. Risk assessments of electrical equipment and systems are planned to ensure a safe and reliable electrical system. These assessments are used to identify unsafe equipment and inadequate or non-existent electrical equipment maintenance programs etc..

Energy/ Network/ Safety Audits & Training

An improvement in energy/ safety/network efficiency can bring about potentially significant business benefits. RAYCHEM RPG has developed energy/safety/network audit services to provide information needed for the improvement of the organization. We also provide required training for technical staff for the efficient handling of the electrical networks/ systems.

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