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Smart Transformer Rectifier Unit (sTRU)

Smart & Trusted Rectifiers for Cathodic Protection!

  • Reduce failures and improve reliability
  • Integrated solution with RTU (Communication with SCADA), Data Logger (Stand-alone Device) and GPS Timer Module
  • Easy and Wide operating temperature range: 0℃ to +60 ℃
  • Option to monitor and control up to 56 reference electrodes against 5 in traditional design
  • Improved data monitoring & control through hi-tech LCD panel and keypad
  • Triple communication (Ethernet / GPRS / GSM)
  • Allows logging of all parameters with timestamp at defined interval in SD card up to 8 GB
  • SMS facility to 2 mobiles provided by GSM interface for critical alarms (approx. 20 alarms) for set / reset
  • Facilitates remote monitoring & Control of all parameters through SCADA / MCS via Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU
  • Supporting separate logging of Normal Data Events/Alarms, and Current Interruption
  • Accurate time synchronization using in-built GPS
  • In-built real time clock functionality


  • Input: 3-ø, 415V ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ±3Hz
  • Output: 50V, 50A DC or can be customised as per requirements
  • Full load power factor ≥0.8lagging @nominal input
  • Operating Modes:
    • Auto Ref. Mode or Auto Mode
    • Constant Voltage/Constant Current Mode
    • Manual Mode
  • Voltage regulation in CVCC mode: 1%

  • Current regulation in current limit mode: 1%
  • Maintains PSP within ±20mV (0.08% accuracy) of the set
  • value under all conditions in Auto Ref. Mode
  • Digital control using DSP processor to protect failures
  • Less component count & Easy Maintenance.
  • +/- 5V interface allows connection of any type of reference electrode
  • Ref Cell Isolation: 2.5KV

SCADA Integration with sTRU

  • Supports MODBUS TCP/IP and MODBUS Serial protocol (Monitoring & Control feature)
  • Supports proprietary protocol over GPRS (only monitoring)
  • Graphical Interface
  • Support to communicate over Ethernet / GPRS
  • Supports up to 20 numbers of devices
  • Option to configure multiple users, devices at multiple locations
  • Visualization of Graphs, Events and sTRU parameters
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