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Solar Balance of System (BOS)

We understand balance of system forms a significant part of solar plant as well. Hence we offer high quality structures, cables, distribution boxes and monitoring systems designed to your needs with optimum performance.

Product Range of Solar Balance of System (BOS)

Mounting Structures

Mounting structure for any design at any angle available in Hot dipped GI, Al, Posmac

Cables AC/DC

We supply all common industry standard AC and DC cables of high quality at best possible prices.

Distribution box AC/DC

We provide distribution boxes at any size based on your design through quality manufacturers at minimum lead time.

Monitoring system

Remote monitoring of your site from office, getting up to date production data of your plant in mobile app or any other specific monitoring requests of you, We fulfil them through its inverter partners and inhouse service engineering team.

Solar Optimiser

We care about the performance of your plant and Optimiser solves several issues like temperature variations, soiling, shading and unequal degradation which affects performance. RaychemRPG optimiser can work with any inverter and under any harsh, extreme conditions.

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