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Transformer Rectifier Unit

Raychem RPG manufactures high quality automatic and manual Transformer Rectifier Units (TRUs) for cathodic protection application to buried structures, storage tanks at storage terminals I refineries and cross country pipelines that are critical to the hydrocarbon business sector of any country. TRUs are rugged in construction, designed to withstand harsh conditions in which they operate.

Over thousand units, automatic and manual, are in operation in India and overseas with proven performance and complete satisfaction of our customers. Regular training to customers ensures sharing of product knowledge and deriving maximum benefits.

Range and Types of TR Units

AC operated Transformer Rectifier unit
Input Supply: Single phase or Three phase
Output supply: upto 100 V DC and 1200 Amps DC.
DC operated CPPSM unit
Input Supply: up to 48V DC
Output supply: up to 50 V DC and 50 Amps DC
AC / DC operated Rectifier unit
Input supply: Single phase / Three phase AC supply or upto 48 V DC supply
Output supply: upto 50 V DC and 50 Amps DC
Hazardous Area application
Input supply : Single phase / Three phase
Output supply: upto 100 V DC and 100 Amps DC.

Salient Features of CPTR:

Air cooled and Oil cooled versions.
TR’s for Hazardous applications conforming to Zone I & II, IIA,IIB,IIC.
Enclosures suitable for Ingress Protection- IP 31, IP41, IP42, IP55, & IP65.
With different Types of Controls
Manual- Variac / Tap control
Constant Voltage Constant Current
Auto Reference and Selection Control
With Solar Power control
Multi channel TR´s as per customer´s requirement

Additional Features:

Current Interrupter with/without GPS interface
SCADA Interface Facility for Remote Monitoring and Control
Remote Monitoring through GSM Data Logger
Remote Monitoring and control through PLC
Hours Run Meter/Time Totalizer
Data logger
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