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Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters

Raychem RPG is the authorized distributor of multipath Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters or High Pressure Gas Flow Meter manufactured by FMC Technologies, a Fortune 500 company and leading player in Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters. These flow meters are used in high flow and high pressure applications for custody transfer measurement of gas and are approved with GAIL, ONGC.

Principle of operation

These flow meters are based on the well-established acoustic transit time principle. The measurement principle utilizes the fact that the direction and propagation velocity of the ultrasonic pulse will be modified by the flowing medium. An ultrasonic pulse propagating with the flow will experience an increase in velocity while an ultrasonic pulse propagating against the flow will experience a decrease in velocity.

Turbulence and noise generated frequencies are filtered. It measures the transit time of the ultrasonic signal that is transmitted. The start of the transmission and arrival of the correct signal is detected by the software.

The various models available are:

MPU 1200 – 6 Path Meter MPU 600   – 3 Path Meter
MPU 800   – 4 Path Meter MPU 200   – Single Path Meter

These meters are available in line sizes ranging from 4" to 24".

Typical Applications

Custody transfer of gas onshore and offshore Gas power plants
Pipeline node bi-directional measurements Pipeline junctions
Gas Terminals & Gas mixing stations Compressor stations

Hazardous Classification

European Type: North American Type: Type Approvals:
Ex Classification: EEx d IIB T5
ATEX Certification: Cert. no. Nemko 05ATEX1244
Cert. no. PTB 07ATEX1018
Ex Classification: Explosion proof, Class 1, Division I,
Group C&D
UL/CUL File: E23545 Sec 26
AGA 9, ISO 17089
OIML R-137
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