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Utility Scale BESS

The CPS-500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2200 has been optimized for utility scale energy storage applications where reliability and footprint matter. This inverter is designed specially for four quadrant energy storage applications in both grid tied and microgrid applications.

  • Integrated AC Breaker with Shunt Trip
  • Integrated DC Disconnect
  • Integrated DC Input Fuses
  • Integrated Cooling System
  • Black Start

Dynamic Transfer To Off Grid Mode

Dynapower’s proprietary Dynamic Transfer algorithm monitors the grid stability and upon detectinga grid disturbance will disconnect from the grid connection and transition to stand alone mode on the load connection. The transition is seamless to the critical loads and supports full load imbalances.

Integrated Solution

Dynapower’s CPS-500 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2200 integrated solution containing all required protective features, as well as an AC output breaker and DC disconnect switch to provide a fully integrated solution. This offers end users and energy storage integrators a cost advantage when compared to non-integrated systems that require additional add-on items.


1. Enabling Renewables As A Firm Power Source

Problem: Intermittent Generation

Renewables such as wind and solar are intermittent, potentially introducing instability into the grid and limiting their viability as a firm, despatchable power source. Additionally, peak production does not always coincide with peak consumption.

Solution: Utility Scale BESS

Storage allows utilities and consumers to smooth production and time shift renewable energy.Solar electricity produced at noon can be stored and deployed as a stable power source at peak demand in the afternoon.

2.Providing Clean & Efficient Peaking Capacity

Problem: Inefficient Generation

Power plants used to meet peak demands are expensive, inefficient,and dirty. We can meet peak demand with excess energy produced by baseload generation and renewables during off peak

Solution: Utility Scale BESS

Utilities and customers can use Eos batteries to store excess efficient base-load generation and renewable energy produced off peak. By discharging during peak hours, Eos obviates the need for new dirty, inefficient peaking generation, and reduces carbon emissions.

3. Alleviating Transmission & Distribution Congestion

Problem: Infrastructure Congestion
Solution: Utility Scale BESS

Utility Scale BESS can help with mitigation of grid congestion due to its fast response rate. ESS can dispatch power at unity power factor i.e. all real power that could help reduce the overall reactive power in the congested area. The critical nodal point can be identified that are more susceptible to congestion problems and ESS can be installed at these points to prevent any potential damage.

4. Enhancing Grid Resiliency & Reliability

Problem: Supply Chain Vulnerability
Solution: Utility Scale BESS

Utility Scale BESS enables the operation of highly reliable micro-grids. With distributed renewable generation and storage, local microgrids ensure a secure power source for critical loads. In critical situations, ESS could supply power to critical loads connected with its local grid and we can save a situation before it becomes disaster.

5. Spinning Reserve

Utility Scale BESS when implemented to act as spinning reserve can offer a cleaner and more efficient mechanism for the system operator to tackle sudden loss of generation in the grid. ESS has sophisticated monitoring and controls in place that detects frequency excursions on the grid and responds within milliseconds to bring the frequency back to normal band.

6. Frequency Regulation

Utility Scale BESS has fast response rate and can ramp up/down instantaneously.Moreover, they are readily despactable and can quickly switch between charge and discharge. This makes ESS ideal solution for frequency regulation. It can assist at both levels- primary and secondary control. With the help of ESS, traditional generators can be used to its maximum potential as reserve for governor control won’t be needed. ESS can also be used as secondary control asset that is online 24x7. ESS will receive signal from a local dispatch center and respond to it instantaneously and accurately.

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