Raychem Innovation Center

At Raychem Innovation Centre we are leading Innovations in power saving and protection

About Raychem Innovation Center

About Raychem Innovation Center

Raychem Innovation Centre (RIC), the R&D division of Raychem RPG Pvt Ltd., was founded in 2013 to cater the research and technological needs of Raychem RPG’s businesses.

Located at a picturesque site on outskirts of Vadodara, Gujarat, RIC is housed in a LEED certified Green building with a built-up area of 2000 Square Meters and is a DSIR (Dept. of Science & Industrial Research) recognised research centre, furnished with state of the art infrastructure.

An inter-disciplinary team of around 50 scientists and senior engineers, continuously strive for innovations in the fields of Power, Oil and Gas, Transformers and Renewable energy sectors.

The four core Centres of Excellence(CoEs) at RIC, which are aligned to the business needs of Raychem RPG are:

Materials group, which focusses on creating advanced, next-gen materials such as, stress control materials, Nano composites, functional materials and fine-tuning, advanced processing techniques
Electronics & sensors is works on power electronics, sensors &communication hardware in order to make products “smarter” and communicate with central systems
Automation & Control Group that builds embedded software and develops customized SCADA solutions for the RIC products, in order to make them more “intelligent”.
Electrical systems focusses on writing algorithms for power system products and transformer power saving technologies and building advanced simulators for electro-magnetic and electro-static properties of materials


Raychem Innovation Centre (RIC), the corporate R&D division of RRL, has been established with an aim to develop products with a theme of “Power Saving and Protection”. Energy prices have been increasing at an alarming rate and there is also an increased awareness on the impact on the environment of such energy products.

Many organizations are looking for ways to conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions, and save on overall utility costs. RIC works towards achieving total sustainability and reduced power consumption, in all the products and services of Raychem RPG.


Innovate consistently through all facets of the organisation
Pioneer path breaking technology in all the sectors
Build world class technologies, par excellence, through systematic training and capacity building
Offer customised solutions for customers through effective inter-industry partnerships


Technology Leadership in “Power Saving and Protection”, through holistic development at Raychem RPG.

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