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Diversity & Inclusion

To bring balance in RPG by including equal women workforce, people with disabilities
and different nationalities.

D&I Framework

Started in 2018, Raychem RPG’s journey on Gender Diversity has been remarkable with women taking more and more leadership and management roles in several business functions, traditionally held by men. 

Aligning with the said vision, Raychem RPG adopted the ADMIRE framework.

Acquire, Develop, Motivate, Involve, Retain, Empower

Since the inception of this program, several initiatives are taken leading to incremental diversity growth in the company.

Building employability of PWD by changing MINDSETS in driving inclusion

Building employability of PWD by changing MINDSETS in driving inclusion

Under the theme of unleashing talent and touching lives, an agenda was initiated to conduct surveys of schools & NGOs and identify best suitable workforce for our business and create an employment opportunity for the neglected segment of society. With help of our internal support team and external agencies, Raychem RPG identified a workforce, assessed and modified work premises and facilities to make them accessible to PWD.

Aligning internal business stakeholders on the Inclusion Agenda

The company arranged several ‘changing mindset’ workshops. Continuous interaction and counselling of parents helped in removing barriers from their minds and bringing them on-board on this endeavour. Employees engaged with PWD members were trained on sign language to enhance the level of communication.

Aligning internal business stakeholders on the Inclusion Agenda
Structured Training

Structured Training

Bringing the right fit through a structured interview process including dexterity tests, personal interviews and medical fitness tests, helped in checking PWD members’ alertness and responsiveness to situations.

LGBTQ + hiring

Raychem RPG empowers and leads by example. At our Halol, Gujarat manufacturing facility in 2021, we began a positive step towards empowerment and inclusivity in employment and since then we have included 3 members of the LGBTQ+ community in the Production department, with an aim to increase in the future.
A diverse mix in talent leads to immense outcomes for individuals and the organisation and inculcating this diverse mix is what Raychem RPG is perpetuating.

LGBTQ + hiring

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