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Innovation Innovation

Technology leadership

Welcome to innovation at raychem rpg Play video

Welcome to innovation at raychem rpg

Technology Leadership in “Power Saving, Protection and Distribution” through continuous innovation, Raychem RPG offers customized solutions to customers in a collaborative partnership. It is a holistic approach in conserving energy, reducing carbon emissions and saving utility costs with world-class technologies and systems.

Comprehensive framework, rigorous methods and tools trigger the innovation minds of our members in developing unique concepts that are aligned to company’s mission and goals. Nurturing and facilitating learning programs, Raychem RPG has built a strong Innovation Culture at workplace.



New Products Developed


New Products Developed
Business Challenges Addressed


Business Challenges Addressed

Innovation Framework

3-Tier Focus

3-Tier Focus

  • 01

    Incremental Innovation

    Optimizing current processes and products

  • 02

    Substantial Innovation

    Developing products and services new to company but not new in industry/market

  • 03

    Breakthrough Innovation

    Developing new products and services for first time use in industry/market

Tool & Techniques:

TRIZ - Theory of Inventive Problem Solving – A problem solving tool
TRIZ - Theory of Inventive Problem Solving – A problem solving tool TRIZ - Theory of Inventive Problem Solving – A problem solving tool

Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, TRIZ is a problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool. It is...

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DFSS - Design for Six Sigma – Management of design engineering and business processes
DFSS - Design for Six Sigma – Management of design engineering and business processes DFSS - Design for Six Sigma – Management of design engineering and business processes

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a methodology of improvement that helps businesses create new product...

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Design Thinking - Set of cognitive, strategic, and practical processes for designing concepts
Design Thinking - Set of cognitive, strategic, and practical processes for designing concepts Design Thinking - Set of cognitive, strategic, and practical processes for designing concepts

Design thinking is used to represent a set of cognitive, strategic, and practical processes by which...

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Major Developments

Spiral Insulator

Spiral Insulator

Low cost innovative technology ‘Made in India’ !

Today porcelain-based Insulators dominate the Indian Transmission & Distribution market.

Polymeric composite insulators offer several advantages over porcelain type, such as hydrophobicity, light weight, environmental stability, shatter proof, etc. Developed nations are rapidly replacing porcelain with polymeric insulators, while the adoption rate in India is much slower. The reason behind this is the cost of technology for developing polymeric composites.

Raychem RPG, in collaboration with Ministry of Power under NPP Program, developed a low-cost processing technology for making polymeric insulators. The company developed an innovative extrusion based spiral insulator with optimized critical design and process parameters - silicon rheology for extrusion with critical shed morphology. The insulator is scalable for all ratings and ranges.

Raychem RPG’s Spiral Insulator is tested, validated and installed in Madhya Gujarat Vij Co. Ltd. (MGVCL) since last 3 years.

Modular Cantilever System

‘Make in India’ Marvel

Raychem RPG indigenously designed Modular Cantilever System support assembly of overhead power transmission wires — i.e., catenary (1000/1200 kgf tension), contact (1000/1200 kgf tension), and droppers, to transfer overall bending, transverse and vertical loads to the mast via insulators.

The quintessential cantilever is lightweight and robust to support the current-carrying assembly with train speed up to 250 km/h. In addition to these functional requirements, ease of maintenance, transportation, handling, and aesthetics have been considered.

The Modular Cantilever System is available in two variants - Single Insulator (foldable design) and Two Insulator (tubular design).

Modular Cantilever System
Auto Tensioning Device (ATD)

Auto Tensioning Device (ATD)

No Tension, One Fit for All!

In an electric rail system, power is supplied by overhead lines that run along the entire length of railway tracks, amassing large carbon footprints. The power is transferred to the train by means of a pantograph, which is a current collector mounted on top of the locomotive. ATD provides a mechanism for automatic tensioning of overhead equipment (OHE) lines to ensure smooth collection of current by the moving pantograph. Tensioning is needed on the contact lines due to variation in their lengths. Contact lines are primarily made from copper-based alloys, prone to expansion and contraction due to variation in atmospheric temperatures. The absence of tensioning causes overhead lines to sag or tighten, leading to pantograph entanglement or snapping of OHE lines.

The indigenous spring ATD is light in weight and caters to load requirements upto 30 KN.

Short Neutral Section

Smooth Contact, No Friction

Utility power supply system requires equal loading on all phases. The traction power system works on 25kV single phase. It is important to use all the three phases equally and convert them into one phase traction supply.  This is achieved by feeding single phase supply to the adjacent traction substation which is separated by a neutral section. Each feed covers a distance of about 30-40 km, feeding all the trains in that zone. By theory of probability, equal number of trains in feed zone are expected to draw same load current to avoid imbalance of the utility power supply system.

Keeping into consideration the wear and tear nature of railway systems, the existing PTFE short neutral needed to be redesigned. In a collaborative effort with Railway authorities, Raychem RPG indigenously developed Short Neutral Section for 25 KV line based on moving roller-based technology. The retrofit system completely eliminates issues of regular maintenance and servicing. Also, the new design significantly reduced carbon footprints.

Short Neutral Section
DOV Surge Arrester

DOV Surge Arrester

Small in Size, Large in Performance!

DOV Surge Arrester is a miniature version of Distribution Heavy Duty Surge Arrester yet meeting all technical characteristics. The design of DOV surge arrester includes a compact metal oxide varistor, size of which is 60% less than the standard size used in other surge arresters. The reduced size of the metal oxide varistor helps in saving energy and resources at multiple levels.

Less volume of metal oxides for producing varistor
Increase in production processes, faster manufacturing
Reduction in logistics costs
Ease of installation, etc.
Reduces carbon footprints

Since the installed surge arrester is in use for the lifetime of an electrical power system, low power losses give added advantage to Utilities. The DOV surge arrester with silicone housing provides excellent surge protection against over-voltages and improved insulation in a contaminant environment.

Short circuit performance of a surge arrester is a vital function, and in case of failure which is a remote likelihood, equipment is protected without causing major damages as the DOV is built on a cage design offering excellent fail-safe short circuit performance.

DOV surge arrester is one of Raychem RPG’s design innovation offering exceptional medium voltage surge protection for Utilities.

Raychem RPG’s Largest!

First 40 MVA Transformer in 40 Days

When the customer came calling

While we are focused in providing solutions to resolve customer problems, there are instances where some projects are more significant than others, especially if it requires entering into unchartered territories.

When Tata Power (the largest power company in India and part of Tata Group) reached out to Raychem RPG for a 40 MVA, 110 KV transformer, there were two challenges that required to be resolved. First one was the specification, as it was the first time Raychem RPG was making a transformer of this magnitude. Second one was our capability to meet customer’s expectations from design to commissioning the equipment in the shortest time frame provided to us. Both of them were met spectacularly with a few days to spare!

Through a combination of micro level planning, timely project progress reviews and extraordinary efforts of the Operations Team, this project came to life and passed all tests successfully. By delivering a product as complicated as a transformer with 2 days to spare, the Transformer Team not only exceeded expectations but was the recipient of a written testimonial from the customer for our timely service.

Raychem RPG’s Largest!

Awards & Recognition