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Polymeric Insulator for railway application up to 25kV. Polymeric Railway Insulators combine mechanical strength with excellent pollution performance. High tensile strength of glass fiber combined with HV shed profile makes the insulator rugged and light weight for traction application.

  • Make in India
  • Compact design and break resistant

  • Excellent tracking and erosion properties

  • Hydrophobic properties for excellent pollution performance

  • No maintenance required

  • Light weight and easy installation

  • Patented crimp design to maximize mechanical strength

  • more...

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Available in 25 & 31 mm/kV creepage distance
Product qualification as per IEC 62217 & RDSO specifications
Aerodynamic and double alternative shed profile as per IEC815

Technical Information

General characteristics: Unit                 9 Tonne Bracket Tube Stay Arm Tube
Applicable standard  

IEC 61109, IEC 62217 & RDSO specification No T1/SPC/OHE/INSCOM/1071, Rev.1

Material of FRP rod      Boron free, ECR grade
Material of housing       Silicone, Grey
Mechanical Characteristics:    
Type of shed profile      Aerodynamic
Applicable standard for shed profile      IEC 60815
Creepage distance  mm    1600 & 1050
Specified tensile load  kgf  11,000  7,000  7,000
Specified cantilever load  Kgf.m  210  200  200
Electrical Characteristics:    
Nominal system voltage  kV rms    25

Wet power frequency withstands voltage (Horizontal Position)

 kV rms    125
(Vertical Position)  kV rms    100

Dry lighting impulse withstand voltage.

(Positive Polarity)

 kVp    240
(Negative Polarity)  kVp    260
Visible discharge test voltage  kV rms    35



More info available on request


More info available on request