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Oil Filled Transformers For Converter Duty Applications

16 March 2023

Raychem RPG

Raychem RPG

A number of industry applications require Specific Industrial Transformers due to the usage of power (current) as a major resource for production. High-current Rectifier and Converter Transformers need a specific design to supply the necessary power at a low voltage level. These Oil filled transformers for large drive applications are called special-purpose or Industry Transformers, whose design is tailor-made for high-current solutions for industry applications.

Product Features

  • High K-Rating Transformer
  • Earthing Shield between HV and LV Winding to isolate the harmonic distortion from LV to HV Winding
  • Durable
  • High Efficiency
  • Low Maintenance
  • Automatic On/Off cooling option


  • Rating: Upto 12000KVA
  • Voltage Class: Upto 33kV
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz or as per requirement
  • Vector Group: Dd0y11/Dd0yn11/Dy11d0/Dd0y1
  • Applicable Standard: IS, IEC, IEEE, ANSI, JIS Etc
  • Winding Material: Copper
  • Insulation Class: A


  • Variable speed drives (VSD)
  • Aluminium electrolysis
  • DC arc furnace
  • Graphitizing furnaces
  • Traction substations
  • Copper refining