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Cable Market Share Story

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24 March 2022

Raychem RPG assisting One Nation- One Grid

Powering the nation is an all-encompassing priority. This empowerment through power and electricity is manifested by technology and a national conscience. The government, under the aegis of the Ministry of Power, highlights the main agenda with a simple motto – One Nation- One Grid. This is elucidated in the integration of the myriad regional grids and the promulgation of one National Grid. Effectively, this ensures that through one grid, the distribution of power is evenly disseminated according to the needs of the States and the various areas.

Raychem RPG - A Pioneer in Cable Accessories

Raychem RPG has been the pioneer in cable accessories, and we continuously strive to offer superior technology solutions, especially in the high voltage area (HVCA) where we have a market share of nearly 70%. Most of the cables are laid near critical utility lines, like telecom and water.

We have always been customer-centric and at the forefront of providing relief, and on occasions, we have accomplished the task overnight, much to the relief of citizens and wellbeing of our customers. A crucial job such as this requires:

  1. Extreme caution
  2. Precision
  3. Dedication to the task

The Result

One of the key priorities for the Indian Power sector, is adding new power generation installation capabilities and the use of renewable energy sources (RES). The CAGR of ~18% (2015-2021) has been from RES – mainly solar, wind, biogas, small hydros, etc., of which India has crossed 100GW milestone. This has led us to the development in new technology, sustainable energy and infrastructure in the Transmission and Distribution network primarily in the High and Extra High voltage domain.

At Raychem RPG, we continuously strive to make our contribution towards Nation’s growth story, by offering innovative products and services to the power sector.