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Customer Service in transforming lives

02 July 2021



Raychem RPG’s goes the extra mile in supporting customers in managing crisis situation!   

It is Customer Service in the truest form.   

We share some of these exceptional stories that will touch a chord in you. 


Under Water SOS call from Jupiter Hospital, Pune 

Heavy rainfall in Pune had paralized the working of the hospital.  The transformer installed in the hospital’s basement was submerged in water due to waterlogging and the water pumping system had failed. Moreover, the patients had to be evacuated urgently to other hospitals due to this crisis.  

Our Services Team immediately reached site, repaired the transformer and restored power in the hospital without waiting for commercials and documentation. Our emergency service helped in controlling the situation and bringing the hospital to normalcy.  It was less of a business transaction and more of valuing human relationship.  

As appreciation for services provided, the hospital arranged a special meeting to felicitate the Services Team. 


Raychem RPG to the rescue of Serum Institute, Pune for enhancing vaccine production  

Amidst the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, Raychem RPG responded to urgent requirement of a Cast Resin transformer by Serum Institute of India to support their production plant of Covid 19 Vaccine which is currently saving lives of millions globally. 

 It should be noted that designing and manufacturing a transformer takes a long time as it is custom designed to suit customer requirements and specifications and is not an equipment which is available off the shelf.  Our team worked long hours in completing all the processes to ensure the product was delivered in time to cater to customer’s exigencies. 

Prideful moment for Raychem RPG!


Raychem RPG supports the LIFELINE at Inox Airproducts amidst pandemic panic in India 

Pune Crisis 

Inox Air Products is the biggest manufacturer of Oxygen in India, having several plants across the country. The second wave of Covid 19 pandemic was by far more intense, affecting all ages and more cases of hospitalization.  This resulted in acute shortage of oxygen for medical purposes.  To urgently enhance the capacity of producing oxygen at Airproducts, a transformer was required by the customer in Pune.  Raychem RPG Transformer team worked at neck breaking pace to design and develop the transformer and arranged delivery to the customers within a short period of time to meet the panic situation in the country.  

Himachal  Crisis 

On another occasion, during the 1st wave of Covid pandemic, another plant faced damages to their underground cable circuits on account of external digging on road, leading to fault on 132 KV EHV Cable and unavailability of electricity supply to their plant in State of Himachal Pradesh.  This plant supplies oxygen to Himachal, Haryana, Punjab and Uttarakhand States. It was an alarming situation and Government Officials from various States and Inox Airproducts team contacted Raychem RPG simultaneously late evening on Oct 7 to help in resolving this problem.  The same late night, Raychem RPG and Inox teams had a joint detailed call to understand and finalize the technical requirements of 132 KV Cable Accessories.   

On war footing basis, Raychem RPG team started planning and preparing for the rectification work and next day, Oct 8 evening, materials were ready at our Halol plant and airlifted from Gujarat to site.  The materials reached Himachal on Oct 9.  Our team of senior jointers and technicians with their tools and tackles, as well as the infrastructure set up for this environment sensitive project reached site the same day.    

With materials and infrastructure in place, Raychem RPG team worked 24 x 7 to install terminations and joints, and by evening of Oct 10, commissioned the circuit.  The power at the plant was restored the same night. 

This critical project was monitored by Central Government, alongwith concerned State officials.  It was an extremely well co-ordinated joint effort which made it possible to complete the restoration work in 3 days at a challenging, far distant site in the hills.   

Kudos to Raychem RPG’s Operations & Project Management Team, Services Team and Inox Management which made impossible possible’.    It was a collaborative effort!