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Golden Peacock Award to Raychem RPG

02 July 2021



Golden Peacock Awards, instituted by the Institute of Directors (IOD), India in 1991, are regarded as a benchmark of Corporate Excellence worldwide. No other business award today receives the kind of recognition and adulation among peers, that the Golden Peacock does. 

The GPIPSA (Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award) is designed to encourage systemic innovation in organization to make products and services for the new century. This award would not only spark creativity and innovation throughout the enterprise, but also is the surest route to market leadership by helping you thrive from the change and uncertainty that have become the hallmark of the new age. Raychem RPG won GPIPSA -2020 for breakthrough solutions provided in Overhead Equipment of Railways for Modular Cantilever System.  

Raychem RPG, a pioneer in innovative energy solutions for various sectors, has a dedicated team working on products design that can meet challenging requirements of utilities and evolving railway network under Make in India initiative. This combined solution has addressed not only at component level of insulator failures solutions but also at system level, we have designed a complete modular cantilever system solution for dynamic overhead lines, providing various new alternative to meet the Indian railway’s next generation operating speed demands of 250 km/h.  We have captured good number of patents in MCS design technology, Insulator failures solutions and introduced spiral insulator technology to the world through government funded (Ministry of Power) project.  

The journey to continuous innovation is not just driven internally, even our other stakeholders have collectively demonstrated that together we can achieve excellence, not only once, but on a sustainable basis, year-on-year. Raychem RPG has dedicated this award to the team that drives innovation at each level and every employee, directly or indirectly involved in the innovation journey. 

Brief on our Innovation Journey 

We started this journey in 2014 and consistently inculcated innovation in each and every process. As they say, Innovation no longer remains a choice but has become an imperative in the excellence journey. RPG Group drives Innovation Programs for all the group companies. Under this umbrella, a multi-pronged approach is used from identifying the correct challenge, to generating ideas, finding solutions, and finally commercializing the innovation.  

We are on path to pursue our innovation journey to achieve continued growth and improved profitability, so as to lay a solid foundation to meet our vision of “continuous innovation”. We will achieve this with our multi-pronged business and functional strategies, while developing capabilities, systems, and processes, both within our teams and with our partners.