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Polymeric Surge Arrester & Disconnector FullScreen
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PCA Polymeric surge arresters provides active over-voltage protection that contributes directly to improved reliability of the system, reduces outages and protects expensive terminal equipment.

PCA silicone surge arresters are designed and tested to meet customer demands with reliability in offering optimum operational performance.

Proven moisture sealing technology

Non-tracking insulating silicone materials

Fully integrated single piece and void free design

Safe mode of failure

The PCA series of arresters are designed to perform in the toughest environmental conditions to meet and exceed the requirements of IEC60099-4. Our gapless zinc oxide polymeric arresters have been in service since 1986 and the PCA range builds on that experience.

  • Make in India
  • TE
  • Tested in accordance with IEC60099-4 at independent accredited laboratories
  • Direct moulded housing to prevent moisture ingress
  • Low residual voltages
  • Safe non-shattering short circuit behavior to higher current levels
  • Maintenance free
  • Hydrophobic silicone housing (Tracking and erosion resistant)
  • Excellent cantilever and tensile performance
  • Quality design and manufacturing, ISO 9001 and 14001 compliant
  • more...

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Qualification Testing  
Decades of experience in the field combined with expertise in design and development lead to creating PCA Series of surge arresters. The basic construction comprises of high energy ZnO varistor assembled within an open cage design. The series has been type tested as per IEC60099-4 Standard.
  • Insulation withstand test on arrester housing
  • Residual voltage test
  • Long duration current impulse withstand test
  • Operating duty tests
  • Short-circuit tests
  • Internal partial discharge test
  • Bending moment test (Cantilever)
  • Moisture ingress test
  • Weather Ageing test
  • Power frequency voltage versus time characteristics on the arrester
 The silicone insulating material is optimized for arrester application and following additional testing performed for qualification of silicone.
  • Tracking and erosion
  • UV testing
  • Thermal endurance
  • Dielectric testing
  • Flammability testing
  • Long term water immersion testing

Technical Information

Generic technical data


PCA Series Ur Rating 

18 - 240 kV 

Rated discharge current (8/20) 

10 kA 

Line discharge class 3 according to

IEC 60099-4 

Operating duty impulse withstand current (4/10 µs)

100 kA 

Long duration current impulse (2400 µs)

640 A 

1 second TOV (Uw/Ur)


High current short circuit: (pre-failing method) (Safe non-shattering failure mode)

65 kA 

Energy based on Ur 

7.8 kJ/kV 

Mechanical data:

Cantilever (Nm) 

2500 Nm 

Tension (N) 

75 kN 

Torque (Nm) 

75 Nm