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Produced with state-of-art Electro-Solidification process

  • Make in India
  • Fit a wide range of panel layouts
  • Current carrying capacity is at par with solid copper bus bars
  • Strong and robust in construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Accurate dimensions
  • more...

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Parameter Value

Manufactured with Electro-Solidification process upto 12kA


Multiple layers of flat copper foils are assembled in parallel or stacked format to achieve required cross-sectional area or agreed current density


Flexible strand is a practical alternative


Flexible jumpers can be insulated and plated


Space saving advantages due to tighter bend radius and replace multiple round conductors with a single piece of flexible busbar

Material - ETP Grade Copper   
Plating - Foils bare or tin/silver plated  
Applications     Air circuit breakers
Solar Inverters
Transformers and other electrical equipment 


Technical Information

Customized components in various shapes and sizes as per customer specifications.