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Fabricated / Sleeved Busbars FullScreen
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Busbars with ETP copper in varied sizes

  • Make in India
  • Offer a wide range of busbars in different designs and sizes
  • Includes Raychem Sleeve or PVC sleeve / painted type to provide better insulation to live terminals.
  • Highly complex accurate Rectangular, Round, and Hollow busbars from copper or aluminium
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Accurate dimensions
  • more...

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Parameter Value


Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper is used with purity of Copper to 99.99% and Electrolytic grade Aluminum is used for manufacturing Busbars 


Width 5mm to 300 mm & Thickness 0.5 to 30mm 


Silver, Tin, Nickel, Nickel Chrome, Painted or Powder coated as per customer specification. 

Sleeving process under controlled temperature and air flow conditions

Applications     Low and Medium voltage switchgear
Bus way systems
Switchboards (PCC, MCC, APFC etc.)
Solar Inverters/ Converters
Transformers and other electrical equipment 


Technical Information

Customized components in various shapes and sizes as per customer specifications. 


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