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Connect IGBT and Capacitor Banks in power electronics equipment

  • Make in India
  • Compact structure, space saving and control of system temperature
  • Low inductance
  • Minimum Impedance and voltage drop
  • High overload capacity
  • Reduce harm to components caused by peak voltage
  • Reduce noise and EMI/RFI radiation
  • Ease of installation and on-site maintenance
  • Fewer components for better system reliability
  • Proportionally distributed capacitance
  • Simplicity of design and aesthetics
  • more...

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Parameter Value

Operating voltage range 

0- 20 kV 

Rated current range 


Maximum size 


Conductor materia 


Insulation resistance 

Partial discharge <10pC 
Temperature rise 0-40k
Reduces peak reverse voltage on both ends of power elements and lowers requirement of voltage protection and circuit absorption  
Applications     Solar Inverters and Converters
Railway Traction Products
Electrical Vehicles
Defense equipment
Aerospace, etc.

Technical Information

Customized components in various shapes and sizes as per customer specifications.