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Improves reliability of power distribution & transmission lines and loss reduction in power utilities. Covered conductors are longitudinally water blocked and covered with special grade material that provides insulation and ultra violet protection. They provide safety against accidental contacts and reduce outages significantly.

  • Make in India
  • Longitudinal Water blocking
  • Triple extruded
  • UV resistant

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Protects the aluminum conductor from corrosion
Reducing faults caused by tree contacts and enhance the reliability
Reducing animal foults
Upgrade the voltage/current without changing the phase distance
Preventing bush fires
Lower life cycle cost compared with bare conductor
Reducing maintenance cost of tree trimming
Reducing clearance between phases, can cope with direct contact between phases
Less risk of sabotage
Environmental advantages

Technical Information

Sr. No Description/Designation        Rating Available      Type  Area in Sq mm
    11kV 33kV 66kV 110kV 132kV AAAC ACSR  
1 CCSX 50  Yes Yes       Yes   50 
2 CCSX 70  Yes Yes       Yes   70
3 CCSX 99 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 99
4 CCSX 120 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 120
5 CCSX 157 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 157
6 CCSX 241 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 241





More info available on request


More info available on request