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Arc Suits

Arc Suit is a specially designed protection garment used worldwide to effectively protect human life from electrical flash. They are made from special flame resistant fabric (FR) meeting IEC 61482-1 & IEC 61482-2 and tested as per ASTM 1959. They are classified as per HRC 1, HRC 2, HRC 3, HRC 4 based on the ATPV values as per NFPA 70 E.


  • Inherently flame resistant FR fabric – properties retained over life span
  • Lightweight fabric – Ranging from 6.5 to 9 oz/yard2 for user comfort
  • Unique design – Various combinations for fatigue free operation
  • For higher ATPV air ventilated design garments
  • Stitching thread – garments made with FR rated thread
  • Various ATPV values garment starting from 5 & upto 100 cal/cm2
  • Heat Attenuation factor (HAF) – more than 90% to ensure minimum exposure to heat
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