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Bolted Type High Voltage Connector, Spacers, Earthwire Accessories & String Hardware up to 765 kV

"HVCS Clamps & Connectors
Bolted Type Aluminium Alloy Connectors made in our World class in-house casting facility. The Connectors are equipped with galvanized fasteners. Sub-station connectors are available in different designs for voltage ratings from 11kV to 765kV and conductors and IPS Tube applications. Mainly classified into 3 catagories based on designs - Sinemex range (up to 330 kV application), Anti-Corona range (up to 550 kV application) and UHV range (800 kV application).

HVCS String Hardware
Bolted Type String Hardware like Suspension String Hardware, Tension String Hardware and Earth wire Accessories made of Steel Forgings (HDG), Steel Fabrication (HDG), Aluminium Castings and Aluminium Fabrication processes. Fasteners are Galvanized (HDG). They are available for all voltage ranges starting from 11 kV up to 765 kV."

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