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Covered Conductors

Indian state utilities are striving hard to come out of the red and are now aggressively investing in upgrading and strengthening the medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) distribution system.

At Raychem RPG, we have identified this need of profiling the electricity losses with each utility and taking a customised approach to reduce the same. Distribution losses are attributed to three major factors, technical, societal and commercial losses.

Raychem RPG has been instrumental in developing several innovative technologies to address the issues in the Indian distribution system to Reduce losses and Maximize Profits for Indian Distribution utilities.

In our yet another endeavour for the cause, Covered Conductors have been introduced for the first time in India by Raychem RPG for applications up to 132 kV in partnership with amokabel, a Scandinavian group company and leading producer of different types of covered conductors for varied applications.

Covered Conductors are longitudinally water blocked and covered with special grades of materials that provide insulation and ultra violet protection. These conductors provide safety against accidental contact and are a major help in significantly reducing outages.

Covered Conductors have been type tested up to 66kV in line with EN50397 at CPRI and also at International labs.

From idea to Covered Conductors

In 1995 amokabel developed a new construction named CCSX, a product with improved water blocking layer and semi-conductive layer. Longitudinal water blocking made by compound make it possible to tension the conductor without removing the insulating covering.


Amokabel is the leading producers of CCSX in the world. Today amokabel manufacture CCSX alloyed and non-alloyed wires AAAC/ACSR, voltage range from 1 to 132 kV. amokabel can adapt voltage and cross section according to customer’s requirements and also create unique products after customer’s special needs.


Double insulated ABC conductor is a unique product and is extensively used in Europe in the LV network. It is a 1kV touch proof cable for usage in the distribution network.

    Benefits with covered conductors
  • Protects the aluminum conductor from corrosion
  • Reducing faults caused by tree contacts and enhance the reliability
  • Reducing animal faults
  • Upgrade the voltage/current without changing the phase distance
  • Preventing bush fires
  • Lower life cycle cost compared with bare conductor
  • Reducing maintenance cost of tree trimming
  • Reducing clearance between phases, can cope with direct contact between phases
  • Less risk of sabotage
  • Environmental advantages

Ideal applications for:

Forest Area

CCSX Covered Conductor is extensively used in voltage upgradation projects like from 11kV to 33kV, 66kV to 132kV etc. The CCSX Covered conductor requires less Phase to phase clearance, and can be installed even on the existing poles and cross arms by just changing the insulators and the surge arresters. This helps to reduce the cost of vegetation management and adverse environmental impact.

High temperature & UV

CCSX Covered Conductors can function smoothly with conductor temperature upto 80 deg C and in corrosive & highly polluted areas. The outer jacket of the Covered Conductor being UV resistant, it can be used in high UV radiation areas.

Cold Environments

Our CCSX conductors fulfill the demands in extreme cold environment with heavy snow and ice load.

Right of Way (ROW)

With many construction and Infrastructure projects coming up below or adjacent to power networks, ROW has become major issue not only in medium voltage network but also in higher voltages like 132kV or 220kV. With reduced phase to phase clearance, covered conductors can be very useful in resolving ROW issues and ensuring the safety and reliability of the power system and human habitat.

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