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Designed Diode Cabinet specially for Railway & Metro applications for rating of 1800V/500A

  • Make in India
  • All current carrying parts are silver plated
  • No separate neutral link required as 4th pole acts as neutral link
  • Quick-make, quick-break mechanism, independent of speed of operator
  • Specially designed Rosan nuts for fuse link fitment
  • Fibre glass material used for better insulation protection
  • Phase barriers for additional safety
  • Single piece handle design and orientation of handle can be changed at any four corners
  • Rubber stopper to reduce vibration during operation
  • High current carrying capacity
  • more...

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Developed 1.1 kV, 4P, 800A SFU for indoor application
Mounted on walls, structures and cable boxes


Technical Information

Customized components in various shapes and sizes as per customer specifications. 

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