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Low Voltage Aerial Bunched Cable (LV ABC) Accessories FullScreen
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Accessories include Suspension Clamp, Anchoring/Tension Clamp, Eye Hooks, Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC), Mounting Brackets, Mid Span Joint (MJPT), Bi-metallic Lug (CPTAU), End Caps, and SS Straps and Buckles. Low Voltage ABC Accessories for bare and insulated applications for different cable sizes as per REC and NFC Standards.
The different LV ABC Accessories are suitable for all three types of technologies - Bundled Cables with Bare Neutral Messenger, Insulated Neutral Messenger and Self-supporting Conductors and confirming to REC specifications and NFC standards. They are type tested as per NFC Standard and approved by Utilities all over India.

  • Make in India
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  • Easy to install
  • Elimination of faults on LT lines
  • Improved reliability
  • Avoidance of theft by direct tapping
  • Avoidance of overloading of distribution transformers
  • more...

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S. No.  

LV ABC Accessories  

Reference Standard  


Anchoring / Tension Clamp 


Bare Neutral Messenger:  

Bolted Type, Clamp/Keeper made of aluminium,  

U-Bolts, Nuts & Washers are galvanized.  

Range: 16 to 210 sq. mm. 

Insulated Neutral Messenger:  

Clamp body made of corrosion resistant al. alloy Wedges made of polymer  

Bail made of stainless steel 

Range: 25 to 120 sq. mm. 

Self-Supporting Conductor: 

Accommodates 2 to 4 insulated cables of self-supporting system 

Clamp made with Galvanized Steel  

Arms/bail and Wedges made of polymer  

Ranges: 2 cores: 4 to 95 sq. mm 

4 cores: 25 to 95 

Service Clamp with Bracket 

Accommodates 2 to 4 insulated service lines 

Ranges: 2 cores: 16 to 25 sq. mm 

4 cores: 16 to 25 

Suspension Clamp 


Bare Neutral Messenger:  

Bolted Type, Clamp/keeper made of aluminium  

U-Bolts, Nuts & Washers are galvanized 

Range: 16 to 210 sq. mm. 

Insulated Neutral Messenger:  

Clamp/Link made of polymer  

Range: 25 to 120 sq. mm. 

Self-Supporting Conductor:  

Accommodates 2 to 4 insulated cables of self-supporting system 

Clamp made with galvanized steel support and anti UV black resistant thermoplastic insert to grip 2 or 4 conductors 

Ranges: 2 cores: 50 to 95 sq. mm 

4 cores: 35 to 120 

Pre-Insulated Sleeves/Joints (MJPT) 

NFC 33-021 

Joining (Pre-insulated) of two LV ABC Cables 

Range: 16 to 150 sq. mm. 

Pre-Insulated Lugs (CPTAU) 

NFC 33-021 

Connection (Pre-insulated) between LV ABC Cable and Transformer or End Connection 

Range: 16 to 150 sq. mm. 

Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC) for LV ABC 


Insulated Main to Insulated Main (Upto  

Insulated Main to Insulated Tap (Upto 

Insulated Tap to Insulated Service Connection (Upto 

Bare to Insulated Main/Tap 

Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC) for Covered Conductor 


Insulated Main to Insulated Main 

Upto 33kV,  


End Cap 


Thermoplastic End Cap suitable for 16 to 150 sq. mm. 


Eye Hooks, Pole Clamps & Brackets 


Eye Hook: Flat Type and Bolted Type (HDG) 

Pole Clamp: Galvanized Steel Circular & Rectangular Pole Clamps

Bracket: Universal fixing Brackets 


Stainless Steel Strap 


Stainless Steel Strap, Buckles SS Straps & Buckles used to fixing Brackets

Technical Information

SL. No.


Value Guaranteed by the Bidder


Suitability (Type of LV ABC)

Bundled Cable with a Bare Neutral Messenger /Bundled Cable with an Insulated Neutral Messenger / Bundled Cable with 4 Self-supporting Conductors


Reference standards

REC Specification / NFC Standard


Products offered

Anchoring/Tension Clamp


Reference standards

Suspension Clamp


Products offered

Pre-Insulated Sleeves/Joints (MJPT)


Pre-Insulated Lugs (CPTAU)

    Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC)
    End Cap
    Eye Hooks, Pole Clamps & Brackets
    Stainless Strap
6. Packing details StandardWooden Box Packing



More info available on request


More info available on request