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Parameter Value
Ratings Up to 2500 kVA for Oil & Dry Type(Higher ratings on request)
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Vector Group As per customer specification
Winding Material Cu / Al
Tapping Range Off circuit or On load tap changers as per customer specifications
Insulating Fluid Mineral oil, Ester fluid or Silicon oil as per customer specification
Insulating Material Epoxy / Silicon Resin for Dry Type Transformer
Primary Voltage Up to 33000 V
Secondary Voltage 433V, 415 V (Other voltages on request)
Impedance In line with applicable standards / customer specifications
Applicable Standards IS, IEC, ANSI, IEEE, EN, etc.


Technical Information

Parameter Value
Winding and core coil assembly carried out in temperature controlled, dust-proof clean room's 
Losses as per IS1180 Standard upto 2.5 MVA, 33 kV for Oil Type 
Losses as per IEC 60076-20 and ECBC for Dry Type 
Dry type transformer enclosure up to IP54 as per installation requirement 
Multi-ratio transformer with OLTC/ OCTC 33-22/0.433, 33-11/0.433, 22-11/0.433, 33/11-6.6, 11-6/0.42 kV 
Surface preparation and painting as per ISO 12944 Standard 
Supply segments  Industries
Power Stations, Receiving Stations & Substations
Oil & Gas

Fittings for Oil Type

Standard Optional
Sure Arresters Secondary bushings
Temperature sensors / scanner Off circuit tap changer
Skid base / roller arrangement HV / LV Cable Box
  On load tap changer, RTCC panel & AVR

Fittings for Dry Type

Standard Optional
Off circuit tap links Primary bushings
Sure Arresters Secondary bushings
Anti- Vibration pads Off circuit tap changer
Temperature sensors / scanner HV / LV Cable Box
Skid base / roller arrangement On load tap changer, RTCC panel & AVR
Thermostat & Space Heater Knife Switch
Enclosure illumination  
Door limit switch  


ERDA Certified
ERDA Certified


ERDA Certified
ERDA Certified


ERDA Certified
ERDA Certified


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