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So, you already know that cable glands are mechanical fittings designed to permit the entry of a cable or insulated conductor into an enclosure. You must also be aware that they provide a host of capabilities such as earthing, sealing, bonding, insulation, cable guarding, strain relief, and a combination of these. You have probably experienced how they are made from different kinds of plastic, steel, brass, or aluminum – whatever ensures that the characteristics of the equipment are maintained adequately. All of us can agree that cable glands are important as they play a major role in attaching and securing the end of electrical cables to different kinds of equipment. Connecting by a means suitable for the type of cable, they provide much-needed strain-relief and include provisions for making electrical connections. Take a sample, you will find that they are used across a number of industries. Cable glands find major application in different types of electric, control, instrumentation, data, fire and telecommunications cables. So what’s new here? Well, read on!

The All-New Euro Series Cable Glands

In a world where compliance with safety and quality standards is becoming more and more critical, building products that meet these regulations is mandatory now. The all new euro series cable glands are the perfect combination of high product quality and modularity & ensure strict compliance with the applicable European standards. Having been tested for fire and other hazards, the euro series cable glands meet the highest safety and regulatory requirements and can be used in industries that operate within these standards. The euro series cable glands made of polyamide, brass and stainless steel have successfully been tested to meet both the standards as well as the possible hazard level.

What Makes Them Stand Out

The euro series cable gland offers exceptional strain relief, a key requirement in the electrical and instrumentation industries. Developed using the twin-shot production technique, these glands represent an entirely new and smart design. The euro series cable glands separate the sealing and the strain relief function and offer inimitable strength. The rounded claws provide elevated strain relief and ensure no damage is done to the equipment. Having a width of only 22mm, the euro series cable glands are extremely compact and easy to use. Due to the separation between the sealing and the strain relief functions, these cable glands offer a host of benefits:

  • High strain relief
  • Increased clamping range
  • Enormous strength
  • Ideal for hazardous situations
  • High electromagnetic compatibility
  • 360o shielding
  • Resistant from UV radiation, vibration, water, and grease
  • Uniform operation in fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels
  • Built-in pressure equalization units ensure effective ventilation of enclosures
  • High versatility and durability
  • Soft claws ensure no damage is done to the cables

Importance of IP rating and how Euro-series help in achieving IP 69K

In order to enhance the durability of cable glands, and to secure it from dust and moisture, it is critical for cable glands to have high Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. Since any ingress of particles could damage the cable gland, to avoid such damages and to retain the efficiency of the product, it is important for the cable gland to be IP compliant. Ingress Protection (IP) rating measures the level of protection against water and other particles as is laid down in the manufacturer’s specification. The IP 69K rating – the highest protection available – applies to cable glands that need to operate in high pressure and high-temperature environments. The Euro-series gland helps in achieving this IP 69K rating. This is due to two major aspects:

  • The base clamping cage made of a soft and a hard polyamide component seals the equipment effectively and provides protection against hazards
  • The use of soft thermoplastic elastomers for sealing ensures maximum protection from dust and moisture to the enclosure

Product Testing Requirements

Since the Euro-series cable glands are used in various stressful and hazardous industrial applications and environments, they need to be sufficiently tested in order to meet the requirements of diverse industries. Compliance with European standards such as performance standard IEC 62444 and fire protection standard EN 45545 is vital to ensure aspects such as functional safety, the longevity of performance, and continuity of operation for mission-critical applications. And in order to meet these standards, the cable glands have to comply with specific construction requirements such as the material used, maximum cable diameter, minimum wall thickness etc. Product testing requirements for the Euro-series cable glands include:

  • Torque test
  • Impact resistance test
  • IP test
  • Electrical rating
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Electromagnetic interference test

Summing Up

The euro series cable glands find major application across industries such as wind power, railway, automobile, plant engineering, oil and gas, automation, and chemicals. This is due to its inherent quality of strain relief. The innovative engineering and design help the Euro-series cable glands comply with all of the latest standards. This offers inimitable quality and safety. Built in a variety of materials, sizes, and thread forms, the Euro-series cable glands conform to EN 62444, IEC 62444.

Whether there is a need for general industry application or one in hazardous and demanding environments, the Euro-series cable glands can efficiently stand up to the test and meet every industrial requirement with ease!



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