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Diaphragm Gas Meter FullScreen View 3D
  • Features
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Diaphragm Gas Meter measures natural & synthetic gases

  • Make in India
  • Design in accordance with European Standard EN1359:2017

  • Measures gas consumption in the range of 0.016 to 2.5 m³/h

  • Suitable to measure natural gas, synthetic gases and mixtures

  • Optionally equipped with low frequency pulse transmitter or AMR module

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Parameter Value
Consists of three basic units  Mechanism assembly 
  Gas meter steel casing
  AMR ready index




Technical Information

Parameter Value
Model  Raychem RPG G1.6 
Nominal flow rate Qn  1.6 m³/h
Minimal flow rate Qmin  0.016 m³/h 
Maximum flow rate Qmax 2.50 m³/h
Transitional flowrate Qt 0.25 m³/h
Cyclic volume – V (measured at 20°C) 0.52 dm³
Allowable indication errors limit during initial verification
Qmin to 0.1Qmax – E  ±3%
0.1Qmax to Qmax – E ±1.5% 
Ambient temperature – tm  -10 to +55°C
Gas temperature – tg -10 to +55°C 
Max. working pressure – Pmax 0.50 bar 
Max. pressure drop  p at Qmax 2 mbar
Index measuring range  99999,999 m³ 
Pulse value (pulse is optional) 0.01m3 
Distance between connection bosses  110 mm 
Weight  ~1.7 kg
Family of gases   Gaseous fuels: Family 1,2 & 3 acc. to EN 437
Electromagnetic class  E1
Mechanical class  M1
Accuracy class:  Class 1.5
Possible connection standards NPT, BS746, ISO and others on request




  • Specifications

Q. Does G1.6 mechanical gas meter is certified with EN 1359 standard?

» Our G1.6 mechanical gas meter is certified with the latest standard of EN 1359.

Q. Does G1.6 mechanical gas meter is available with both left & right entry?

» Yes, Our meter is available in both left & right entry.

Q. What is the accuracy of G1.6 mechanical gas meter?

» ± 1.5% - Qmax to Qt , ± 3% - Qt to Qmin

Q. What is the flow range of G1.6 mechanical gas meter?

» Qmax- 2.5 M³/Hr , Qmin – 0.016 M³/Hr

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