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Smart Solutions

With the aim to provide Smart Infrastructure for the new India, which will not only become the backbone of the economy in the times to come but also be the key to sustainable development of India's future smart cities, Raychem RPG is relentlessly developing intelligent solutions which are more reliable, more efficient, more advanced, safer and most importantly fulfils the demands and aspirations of a new India.

Types of Smart Solutions

Raypoles is a next-gen multi-function outdoor pole unit designed to efficiently provide several features that are congruent to smart city requirements.

Raychem RPG offers a unique and high-end Feeder Pillar Box which is technically superior, smart and economically competitive product that fits perfectly

Remote and automated early fault detection in substations and industrial sites Automated, continuous thermal and visual imaging of substation

The substation Total Demand Monitor is easy to install (30-45 minutes), versatile and configurable metrology system. The total demand of the substation or feeder

Power networks are subjected to extreme weather events and pollution all-round the year. From lightening to high-speed winds, and dust storms to environmental pollution

Raychem RPG offers a comprehensive range of Electrical Insulating Helmets with smart sensors which not only protect linemen from electrical shocks

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