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Medium Voltage Insulating barriers. BCIC preformed covers provide connections for insulators, bushings and busbars. Customized covers can be made simply and economically by vacuum forming non-shrinkable sheet material. Installation is very simple often with no need to disconnect busbars. BCIC covers are held in place with UV-stabilized plastic nuts and bolts, rivets or tie-wraps, and can be easily removed for maintenance, or else sealed with Raychem sealing mastic. Suitable for applications up 36 kV. Rigid Red Barrier Board (RRBB) is a non-structural, interphase barrier for switchgear applications. The RRBB board has excellent track resistance, especially following a power-arc. It can be easily fabricated into a shape; produces less nuisance dust and less tooling wear than other boards.

  • Make in India
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  • BCIC - Insulating covers designed to prevent animal caused outages on MV distribution lines, substation connections and bushings
  • Rugged, track resistant, UV resistant polymer ensures long-term performance even in the most extreme environmental conditions
  • Made from Raychem Red HV outdoor material
  • Flexible to fit many configurations and insulator sizes
  • RRBB - Excellent tracking resistant properties provides longevity not found in typical polymers
  • UV properties of barrier boards are suitable for outdoor applications
  • Extremely durable barrier boards are damage resistant from solvents, mechanical impact and general wear and tear
  • Innovative cross-linking polymer withstands power-arcs without compromising its physical shape. The high temperature resistant material can be wiped clean after power-arc events resulting in no visible effects of surface damages.
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Key Material Properties  

Test Method  




Tensile Strength 

ASTM D638 

17 Mpa minimum (2450 psi min) 

Ultimate Elongation 

ASTM D638 

25% minimum 



Tracking and Erosion Resistance 




ASTM D2303 

No tracking, or erosion to top 

Step Voltage Method 

surface or flame failure after: 

1 hr @ 2.5 kV 

1 hr @ 2.75 kV 

1 hr @ 3.00 kV 

(initiate @ 2.5 kV) 

20 min @ 3.25 kV 

*For BCIC, please contact Raychem RPG Representative


Technical Information


Product Selection Information:

dimensions in mm

Catalog Number  







*For BCIC, please contact Raychem RPG Representative



More info available on request


More info available on request

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