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Medium Voltage Heat Shrink/ Fusion tapes. HVBT heat-shrinkable tape is ideal for use on complex shapes and where busbars cannot be disconnected. HVBT tape shrinks 30% longitudinally and an adhesive layer flows and seals the layers of tape during installation. As with the other components in the system, the adhesive does not bond to metalwork, allowing easy removal for inspection and maintenance. Available in four widths from 25 mm to 100 mm. A spiral formed tape is also available for ease of use on overhead conductors. MVFT is a self-amalgamating tape providing insulation enhancement and protection against accidentally induced discharge. Quick and easy to install, upon application the tape amalgamates the overlapped layers together, producing a complete seal.

  • Make in India
  • TE
  • HVBT Adhesive-coated tape for insulation enhancement against accidentally induced discharge

  • Flashover protection to at least 15 kV increasing to 25 kV with a second layer
  • Outstanding electrical and mechanical properties
  • Heat Shrink
  • MVFT Self-amalgamating tape for insulation enhancement against accidentally induced discharge

  • Flashover protection to at least 15 kV increasing to 35 kV with a second layer
  • Silicone polymer with versatility of a wraparound product
  • Cold applied
  • more...

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Rated Voltage (kV) Phase- Phase (mm) Phase- Ground (mm) IEC 71-2 Air Clearance (mm)
Round Busbars
12 55 65 120
17.5 70 85 160
24 95 125 220
36 150 205 320
Rectangular Busbars
12 65 75 120
17.5 85 104 160
24 115 150 220
36 200 285 320
MVFT Selection Information:
Catalog Number Color Width UOM: Inches (mm) Supplied Length UOM: Yards (M) Std. Pack
MVFT-G-2-12(B4) Gray 2 (50) 12 (11) 4 Rolls

Technical Information

Product Selection Rectangular Busbars Width IAC Application Recommended Product IEEE Applic ations HVBT Length Needed / meter of Busbar IEC Round Busbars Diameter Application Recom mended Product IEEE Applications HVBT Length Needed/ meter of Busbar
25 mm HVBT-12-A HVBT-1-R 10.0 12 mm HVBT-12-A HVBT-1-R 5.0
50 mm HVBT-14-A HVBT-2-R 7.6 25 mm HVBT-14-A HVBT-2-R 5.0
75 mm HVBT-14-A HVBT-2-R 11.4 50 mm HVBT-14-A HVBT-2-R 10.0
100 mm HVBT-14-A HVBT-2-R 15.6 75 mm HVBT-14-A HVBT-2-R 16.7
150 mm HVBT-14-A HVBT-2-R 25.0 100 mm HVBT-16-A HVBT-4-R 10.0
200 mm HVBT-16-A HVBT-4-R 15.6
Product Testing Result Result
AC Dry Withstand/1 min. 15 kV (One Insulation Layer) 35 kV (Two Insulation Layers)
Loading Cycling 30 days @ 130˚C No Deformation or Splitting Low
Temperature Install @ 0˚C Installable Without Difficulty
Test Specification Results
Accelerated Aging 168 hours 150˚C Tensile Strength Ultimate Elongation ASTM D2671 > 1,000 psi > 450%
Low Temperature Flexibility 4 hours -40˚ ASTM D2671 No cracking
Dielectric Strength 3.4 mm thickness ASTM D149 > 300V/mil
Tracking and Erosion Resistance ASTM D2303 No Tracking, erosion to top surface or flame failure after: 1 hour at 2.5 kV 1 hour at 2.75 kV 1 hour at 3.0 kV 20 min. at 3.25 kV



More info available on request


More info available on request

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