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High quality Insulating blanket conforming to Standard IEC 61112

  • Make in India
  • Protection of personnel from accidental contact with live or earthed electrical conductors, apparatus or circuits and avoidance of short circuits on electrical installations
  • Made of elastomer of high dielectric properties
  • Electrical insulating blankets conform to IEC 61112

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Plain finish on both sides
Light weight
Colour: Orange
Available in 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm width
Clear marking every 300 mm
Category AHC

Technical Information

Choose Class of blanket as per max working voltage of network/panel
Classification Max Working Voltage Proof Test Voltage Withstand Voltage
Class 00 500 AC 2,500 AC 5,000 AC
Class 0 1,000 AC 5,000 AC 10,000 AC
Class 1 7,500 AC 10,000 AC 20,000 AC
Class 2 17,000 AC 20,000 AC 30,000 AC
Class 3 26,500 AC 30,000 AC 40,000 AC
Class 4 36,000 AC 40,000 AC 50,000 AC


IEC 61112
IEC 61112

More info. Available on request

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