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G 1.6 Domestic Gas Meters

Model type : G1.6 Diaphragm
Standard : BS EN 1359
Pipe distance : 110mm
Casework : Steel / Aluminium
P.max : 0.5bar (Instead of 0.2 0.5 Bar)
Max flow : 2.50m3 / hr
Min Flow : 0.016m3 / hr
Operating temperature : -200C + 600C
Finish : Powder coated
Color : Beige
Max index reading : 99999.999m3
Connections : 3/4" BSP / NPT / BS746(Other connection available on request)
Index is compatible for implementing automatic meter reading system for remote reading and date management.
Corrosion resistant powder coated (inside and outside) steel casing.
UV stabilized index casing.
In-built reverse count restrictor.
Designed for long term,accurate and reliable reading.
Flange is sealed by band to prevent unauthorized dismantling.
Pressure test point at outlet of meter (optional).
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