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Backfill Earth Enhancing Compound with Pre-Mixed Concrete FullScreen
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Used as Earth Electrode Backfill Compound for reducing soil resistivity. Backfill Earth Enhancing Compound with Pre-Mixed Concrete enables electrical earthing system designers and installers to achieve permanent, stable and low resistance earthing solutions, even in difficult ground conditions when used as a backfill to enhance the effect of copper earth electrodes or earth rods. It is a granulated electrically conductive aggregate which replaces sand in mixes with cement, thereby providing electrically conductive concrete.

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Product Code Bag Weight (Kg)
RBFC-33  25 

Technical Information

Parameter Value
Low resistivity 0.001 ohm is extremely low
Versatile Suitable for most ground conditions, becomes a permanent, solid  structure that it is not prone to shrinking, drying or being washed away
Cost effective Permanent solution with no need to remove and replace or ‘maintain’ periodically with additional water / salts in order to achieve desired earth values 
Chemically inert

Marconite is non-corrosive to steel or copper, does not attack cement structures and has a pH within neutral range

High strength

Can be used as part of building structures, can achieve strength higher than Grade 25 concrete

Easy to use

Forms a concrete like material achieving low resistance earth, no need to wait or return to test

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