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Used as Earth Electrode Backfill Compound for reducing soil resistivity.

Bentonite moisture retaining clay is used to lower the resistance to earth by providing ground enhancement and effectively reducing the resistance between soil and earth electrode (such as copper earth rod or earth mats). This inherent ability to absorb and retain rainwater increases the electrical conductivity of the earthing compound in positive correlation to local climatic conditions, specifically average rainfall levels. Typically, the compound has 3 ohms resistivity level and is a cost-efficient material for backfill of earth electrodes and improving performance when it is physically impossible to drive the earth rods deeper underchallenging ground conditions such as rocks, granite, etc.

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Product Code Bag Weight (Kg)
RBM-33 25

Technical Information

Parameter Value

Mixing Bentonite: 

The expansion rate of Bentonite is relative to the volume of water used to create the earthing compound mixture. As a rule of the thumb, we recommend to assume a 2:1 expansion ratio

1 x 25kg Bentonite  = 1cu ft or 0.0283m³ (Dry) 

1 x 25kg Bentonite = 2cu ft or 0.0566m³ (Wet) 

Example : 

For backfilling a cable trench containing 10 nos. of copper earth rods in 3.6m deep, 0.1m diameter boreholes, it will require the following volume of Bentonite clay compound: 

Volume Of Boreholes 

= 10 x π r² x h 

= 10 x π x 0.05² x 3.6 

= 0.28m³ 

Number of Bags = 0.28 / 0.0566 = 5 Bentonite Bags 



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